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Overzicht van de 350 liedjes, die ik heb verzameld, allemaal als MP3


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Above Suspicion                                                                                         

After all This Time                                                                                    

After Hours                                                                                            

After the Lovin'                                                                                        

Ain't no Californi                                                                                   

All My Love                                                                                             

All Right I'll Sign The Papers                                                                         

Almost Like You Never Went Away                                                                        

Alone With you                                                                                          

Always Just Memory Away                                                                              

Always you, Always me                                                                                   


America's Sweetheart                                                                                   

Another Chance to                                                                                       

Another Heart Down                                                                                     

Another she's Leaving Song                                                                              

Are You Sincere                                                                                        

Babe, It's Your Memory                                                                                 

Band in the Window                                                                                     

Bed Of Roses                                                                                           

Best way I Know how                                                                                     

Bettin Money on Love                                                                                   

Black Jack, Water Back                                                                                  

Bless Their Hearts                                                                                     

Blind In Love                                                                                          

Blues Man                                                                                               


Borrowed Angel                                                                                          

Brand new Mister me                                                                                    

Branded Man                                                                                            

Bread Line Band                                                                                         

Broken Man                                                                                             

Bruning Memories                                                                                        

Buried Alive                                                                                           

Burning Memories                                                                                       


Charlie's Angel                                                                                        

Cheap Imitation                                                                                         

Cherokee Maiden                                                                                        

Coca Cola Cowboy                                                                                       

Come on and Sing                                                                                       

Come on Home                                                                                           

Commercial Affection                                                                                    


Couldn't see the Forest for the Trees                                                                   

Cowboy's Dream                                                                                       

Crazy by Myself                                                                                        

Dear Love                                                                                               

Diggin' up Bones                                                                                       

Do you Wannfly, Woman                                                                                 

Don't Tell Mama                                                                                   

Dos Divas                                                                                              

Down By The Water                                                                                       

Dream Of Me                                                                                            


Even at her Worst                                                                                      

Even the Stars                                                                                         

Every now and Then                                                                                     

Every Time                                                                                             

Everyone Needs Someone                                                                                  

Faded Blue                                                                                             

Fooled Around And Fell In Love                                                                         

Forgive me for Giving you the Blues                                                                    


Gator bar                                                                                               

Golden Nugget Gambling Casino                                                                          

Good Woman Blues                                                                                        

Goodbye Highway                                                                                        

Goodbye Wheeling                                                                                       

Great Disguise                                                                                        

Guide me Home my GeorgiMoon                                                                          

Half Laughing, Half Crying                                                                              

Hang my Picture in Your Heart                                                                          

Happy Anniversary                                                                                      

He Drove her out of his Mind                                                                            

He Loves Lucy                                                                                          

Heart Healer                                                                                            

Heart Over Mind                                                                                        

Hearts of Stone                                                                                        

Heaven Everyday                                                                                         

Here's Lookin' at you                                                                                  

Holiday for Love                                                                                        

Home is Where the Hurt is                                                                              

Honey Dew Melon                                                                                        

How Come Your Dog Don't Bite Nobody but me                                                             

Hurt Myself                                                                                            

I Ain't Never                                                                                           

I Always Come Back to Loving you                                                                       

I Believe In You                                                                                        

I can't Stop Loving you                                                                                

I Could Never be Ashamed of you                                                                        

I Envy the sun                                                                                          

I got the Hoss                                                                                         

I Know What you did Last Night                                                                          

I Love You Drops                                                                                       

I Order one for me                                                                                     

I Said Prayer                                                                                         

I Want To Feel This Way Forever                                                                        

I Wish she Wouldn't Treat you That way                                                                  

If I Could Only Start Over                                                                             

If I Throw Away My Pride                                                                               

If Only I Could Start Over                                                                             

If There Were no Memories                                                                              

I'll Be Seeing You                                                                                      

I'll Take as Much of you as I can get                                                                  

I'm Gonnact Right                                                                                    

I'm Sorry                                                                                              

I'm Tired                                                                                              

In the Middle of the Night                                                                              

It'll be Easy                                                                                          

It's Been Long Time                                                                                   

It's GonnBe One Of Them Days                                                                         

It's Just not That Easy to say                                                                         

It's Long way to Dayton                                                                             

It's my Love And I'm GonnGive It                                                                     

It's no Surprise                                                                                        

Jump Shout Boogie                                                                                      

Kissing Your Picture                                                                                   

Last cup of Coffee                                                                                      

Last Nights Make up                                                                                    

Lay The Heartache Down                                                                                  

Legend in my Mind                                                                                      


Let me be the Keeper                                                                                   

Let me Talk to you                                                                                     

Life has Sure Changed us Around                                                                         

Life Turned her That way                                                                               

Little ole Wine Drinker me                                                                             

Live in my Heart                                                                                       

Loco Weed                                                                                              

Lonely Girl                                                                                             

Lonely Street                                                                                          

Long Gone Blues                                                                                         

Looking for Home                                                                                     

Looking for Tomorrow                                                                                   


Love is Two-Way Street                                                                               

Love Revival                                                                                            

Love up Storm                                                                                        

Lying Time Again                                                                                       

Mary don't You Weep                                                                                     

Matter of Wine                                                                                       

Matter of Wine                                                                                          

Maybe it was Memphis                                                                                   

Me and Mine                                                                                            

Memory Maker                                                                                            

Mental Revenge                                                                                         


Midnight Love                                                                                          

Midnight, me and the Blues                                                                             

Million old Goodbyes                                                                                 

Missing You                                                                                            

Moanin' The Blues                                                                                       

Mr Dropout                                                                                             

My bad Girl Treats me Good                                                                             

My Only Strange Love                                                                                   

My Side of Life                                                                                        

My Woman's Honky Tonkin' me to Death                                                                    

Neon Rose                                                                                              

New Patches                                                                                             

Next Time it Rains                                                                                     

Night is the Longest Time of the day                                                                   

Night Train to Memphis                                                                                  

No Love Have I                                                                                         

No one to Talk to                                                                                       

Not in Front of the Kids                                                                               

Not me                                                                                                 

Ode to the Little Brown Shack out Back                                                                 

Oh, Lonesome me                                                                                        

Okeechobee Ocean                                                                                        

Old Enough to be Your Lover                                                                            

One More Time                                                                                          

One Night Fever                                                                                        

One of Those Things                                                                                    

Party Girl                                                                                              


Play it Again, Sam                                                                                      

Please let me Have You                                                                                 

Pretty Lady                                                                                            

Proof of my Love                                                                                        

Pyramid of Cans                                                                                        


Rain on my Parade                                                                                      

Rainy Day Woman                                                                                        

Remember me                                                                                             


Right Back in Your Arms Again                                                                           

Rock And Roll Ruby                                                                                     

Rose of el Paso                                                                                        

Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town                                                                     

Saturday Music                                                                                         


Scarlet Wings                                                                                          

Second Best                                                                                            

Send me Down to Tucson                                                                                 

Shame on you, Shame on me                                                                              


She Don't Trust you Daddy                                                                              

She Meant Forever When she Said Goodbye                                                                 

She Still Burns                                                                                        

She Still Loves me                                                                                     

She's Been Doin' That For Years                                                                         

She's Just Being Woman                                                                               

Silver Wings                                                                                            

Slow Nights                                                                                            

Small Change                                                                                           

So Soon                                                                                                 

Somebody Gave Lucy Drink                                                                             

Someone Else Tends the Garden                                                                           

Someone Somewhere Tonight                                                                              

Something Burning Out                                                                                  

Something Special                                                                                      

Southern Rains                                                                                         


Stay Little Longer                                                                                   

Steppin' Out                                                                                           

Stomp Them Grapes                                                                                      

Storms Never Last                                                                                      

Sunday String Band                                                                                      

Sweet Desire                                                                                           

Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes                                                                             

Sweet Thang                                                                                            

Take Look at me                                                                                      

Take my Hand                                                                                            

Tall, Dark and Lonesome                                                                                

Ten Thousand Drums                                                                                      

Tender Loving Care                                                                                     


Tennessee Banjo Man                                                                                     

Tennessee Nights                                                                                       

Texas on Saturday Night                                                                               

Thank you for Being you                                                                                

That was Heartache                                                                                   

That Woman of Mine                                                                                     

That's so Cool                                                                                         

That's Where my Money Goes                                                                              

That's Where the Hurt Comes in                                                                         

The Arms of Fool                                                                                     

The Last Time                                                                                          

The Morning After Baby let me Down                                                                     

The new Green Light                                                                                     

The old Gang's Gone                                                                                    

The one That got Away                                                                                   

Then I'm Going Home                                                                                    

There Goes my Love                                                                                     

Thing Called Sadness                                                                                  

This is me                                                                                             

Those Memories of you                                                                                   

Thousand Miles ago                                                                                   

Time has Treated you Well                                                                              

Tom Dooley                                                                                              

Tonight I Saw Three People                                                                             


Tormented Heart                                                                                        

Train Without Whistle                                                                                

Try it Again                                                                                            

Tupelo County Jail                                                                                     

Twelve Long Stem Roses                                                                                  

Umitigated gal                                                                                         

Unchained Melody                                                                                       

Uncle Pen                                                                                              

Uphill all the way                                                                                     

Walk on Boy                                                                                             

Walkin' on New Grass                                                                                   

We Must be Thinking Alike                                                                               

Wedding Bells                                                                                          

Welcome to my World                                                                                    

West Bound Trains                                                                                       

We've had Some Good Times                                                                              

What Comes Natural to Fool                                                                            

What did I Promise her Last Night                                                                      

What do you do When Your Love is Gone                                                                  

What was I Thinking                                                                                     

Which way is Gone                                                                                      

Whiskey Chasin'                                                                                         

Whiskey on the Wound                                                                                   

Whisper And Scream                                                                                 

Why ain't Life the way it's supposed to be                                                             


Wings of my Victory                                                                                     

Woman in the Back of my Mind                                                                           

Woman, you Should be in Movies                                                                         

Working Woman                                                                                          

World, What Have I Done                                                                                

Would you Want the World to end                                                                         

Wrong Again                                                                                            

You Can't Trust Crazy Man                                                                             

You Done Me Wrong                                                                                      

You Name it                                                                                            

You Never Tried to Clip my Wings                                                                        

You Only Think of me                                                                                   

You put the Lonely on me                                                                                

You Threw Away the Mold                                                                                

Your Body is an Outlaw                                                                                 

Your Kind of Living                                                                                     

You're As Far As I Can See                                                                             

You're the Only Song I'll Sing Today  


Mel Tillis & Bob Wills - Bubbles in my Beer                                                                         

Mel Tillis & Bob Wills - Cotton Eyed Joe                                                                             

Mel Tillis & Bob Wills - Don't you Ever get Tired of Hurting me                                                     

Mel Tillis & Bob Wills - Goodbye LizJane                                                                          

Mel Tillis & Bob Wills - Home in San Antone                                                                         

Mel Tillis & Bob Wills - I've got new Heartache                                                                   

Mel Tillis & Bob Wills - My Window Faces the South                                                                  

Mel Tillis & Bob Wills - Roly Poly                                                                                  

Mel Tillis & Bob Wills - Somebody's Putting Somebody on                                                             

Mel Tillis & Bob Wills - Time Changes Everything                                                                    

Mel Tillis & Nancy Sinatr- After the Lovin'                                                                        

Mel Tillis & Nancy Sinatr- Cowboy Carry Me Home                                                                   

Mel Tillis & Nancy Sinatr- I Would fly                                                                             

Mel Tillis & Nancy Sinatr- I'll Never be Free                                                                     

Mel Tillis & Nancy Sinatr- It's far cry From Over                                                               

Mel Tillis & Nancy Sinatr- Play me or Trade me                                                                    

Mel Tillis & Nancy Sinatr- Texas Cowboy Night                                                                     

Mel Tillis & Nancy Sinatr- Underground River                                                                      

Mel Tillis & Nancy Sinatr- Where in Heaven on Earth                                                               

Mel Tillis & Nancy Sinatr- Where Would I be                                                                        

Mel Tillis & Pam Tillis - Cleopatra, Queen of Denial                                                                

Mel Tillis & Pam Tillis - Do You Know Where Your Man is                                                              

Mel Tillis & Pam Tillis - Fine, Fine, Very Fine Love                                                                

Mel Tillis & Pam Tillis - Homeward Looking Angel                                                                     

Mel Tillis & Pam Tillis - How Gone Is Goodbye                                                                       

Mel Tillis & Pam Tillis - Let That Pony run                                                                          

Mel Tillis & Pam Tillis - Love is Only Human                                                                        

Mel Tillis & Pam Tillis - Rough and Tumble Heart                                                                    

Mel Tillis & Pam Tillis - Shake The Sugar Tree                                                                      

Mel Tillis & Pam Tillis - Sometimes Stranger Will do                                                              

Mel Tillis & Pam Tillis - We've Tried Everything Else                                                               

Mel Tillis & Shelly Bryce - After the Fire is Gone                                                                  

Mel Tillis & Shelly Bryce - Anything's Better Than Nothing                                                           

Mel Tillis & Shelly Bryce - Back to Life                                                                            

Mel Tillis & Shelly Bryce - In the Vine                                                                              

Mel Tillis & Shelly Bryce - Life's Little Surprises                                                                 

Mel Tillis & Shelly Bryce - Living and Learning                                                                      

Mel Tillis & Shelly Bryce - Take my Hand                                                                            

Mel Tillis & Shelly Bryce - Tangled Vines                                                                           

Mel Tillis & Shelly Bryce - Then it Will be all Over                                                                

Mel Tillis & Shelly Bryce - What Money Can't buy                                                                    

Mel Tillis & Sherry Bryce - Don't let go                                                                            

Mel Tillis & Sherry Bryce - Happyville                                                                              

Mel Tillis & Sherry Bryce - I see Heaven in you                                                                     

Mel Tillis & Sherry Bryce - Just Two Strangers In The Night                                                         

Mel Tillis & Sherry Bryce - Let's go all the Way Tonight                                                             

Mel Tillis & Sherry Bryce - Mr Right and Mrs Wrong                                                                  

Mel Tillis & Sherry Bryce - Stand Beside me, Behind me                                                               

Mel Tillis & Sherry Bryce - They'll Never Break the Chains                                                          

Mel Tillis & Sherry Bryce - Why not do the Things                                                                    

Mel Tillis & Sherry Bryce - You are the one                                                                         

Mel Tillis & Waylon Jennings - Mason Dixon Lines                                                                    


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